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Make your own sling

If you have, or are willing to develop even the most basic sewing skills, you can make your own sling. This will save you money, and allow you to choose the fabric, size, and level of padding that suits you best.

Nearly comprehensive sling/carrier sewing list: http://www.thebabywearer.com/lists/Sewing.htm


Make your own baby sling


No Sew

There are now a number of great instructions online for using rings and a scarf or similar item to make a sling without sewing.

  • These are catalogued at Sleeping Baby No Sew Instructions
  • Onbuhimo

    An onbuhimo (or onbu for short) is a Japanese back carrier. It uses a small rectangle, 2 long straps and 2 loops or rings to make a back pack shape for carrying a child. Depending on construction and technique it can be used for babies of many ages, carried on the front or the back of the parent. There is a crafty and simple tutorial at Placemat onbuhimo tutorial
    If you have never sewn an asian style carrier before, you might want to check out the sleeping baby crafts page (as listed above) or the sewing groups listed below for additional explanation of terms and help with construction details. An onbuhimo is a lightweight, comfortable way to do simple and secure back carry. This is a great second carrier project.

    You can find sling sewing tips and helps, and lots of positive feedback at these interactive forums. You will need to join to participate, but it's worth it! You may even find one of our elusive coupons.

    Once you have examined a sling or a sling pattern you will see that with a little experimentation you can have the sling that's ideal for you.

    Occasionally we get requests for ideas for places to buy fabric. Here are a few, we look forward to hearing of more as you send them to us.

    • Bamboo is the latest trend in eco friendly as well as soft and baby friendly Bamboo Fabric Store
    • Another baby friendly small business is Sew Baby
    • If you want a truly unique carrier, you can buy nice quality fabric blanks and dyes at Dharma Trading

    Read here for more information about ring sizing

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