Choosing the Correct Ring Size

When you make a sling, choose your ring size based on the following four criteria:

Our small rings are best used with light weight, and/or very smooth fabrics. They are well suited to closed tail slings. If you plan to make your sling very narrow (22"-26") you might also want the small rings. The small rings tend to be very secure, though not as easy to adjust as the larger rings. They are also good for onbuhimos.

If you are using a medium weight fabric, in widths of 26 "-30", you might be more comfortable with the medium size rings. This is also true if you are planning on making an open tail sling, or if you are using the pattern from Sleeping Baby Productions. In general, the medium size rings will give you a sling that secure, but may not be as easy to adjust as the large rings if your fabric is on the thicker side. Many people prefer medium rings when making a single-layer dupioni or shantung silk sling, especially if it will be machine-washed.

If you are using a heavy weight (winter weight) or heavy nap fabric, a very wide fabric (30"-45"), or have just had difficulty adjusting your sling in the past, you may want our large size rings. The large rings have successfully been used on slings from Sling Me Mommy. They are preferred for double-layered slings of nearly any material, as well as thicker wraps that are turned into slings.

No matter which pattern you are using, you will want to carefully test your ring/fabric combination to make sure that your sling will be safe. A sling is a very simple concept, but the wrong combination of rings and fabric can be dangerous. Always take note of listed precautions and practice safe baby carrying. Additionally, you might want to stay away from the large rings if you have a very small torso.

Please feel free to personally contact us by e-mail or phone if you are still not sure what size you want.

Aluminum SlingRings:

Nylon SlingRings:

Diameter Small Med Large Diameter Small Med Large
Inner 2" 2.5" 3" Inner 2.25" 2.75" 3"
Outer 2.5" 3" 3.5" Outer 3" 3.325" 3.625"

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